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BICENTENARY BOAT RALLY – 25 and 26 July 2015


To commemorate the bicentenary of the Act of Parliament enabling the construction of the Pocklington Canal, a boat rally is to be held at Melbourne on the Pocklington Canal over the weekend of 25th/26th July 2015. This is the first major boat rally to be held on the Pocklington Canal since 1987, when narrowboats from as far away as London took part in a rally to mark the extension of the navigable length to Melbourne.

The site is close to the village of Melbourne, which has a short canal arm. Most moorings will be on the main line of the canal, and so boats will require a boarding plank and mooring pins.

A range of low key events will be put on by the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society for boaters joining the rally, although it is thought that the main attraction will be the pleasure of visiting a very quiet and rural canal at the extremity of the English canal system.

Boat owners interested in taking part in the rally can download an application form (see below). The entry fee for each boat is £20, which will include a brass plaque commemorating the rally and help support PCAS to extend navigation by a further two miles, from Melbourne to Bielby.

Information for boaters

Download and print application form (pdf file)

Download editable applicaton form (Word file)

The venue for the Boat Rally is near the village of Melbourne – see Maps page

Information about navigation of the River Derwent and Pocklington Canal – see Navigation page

Debbie Smith will be pleased to answer any questions about the Boat Rally – see the PCAS Contacts page



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