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Repair and re-gating of Cottingwith Lock in 2009

Cottingwith Lock was reopened to navigation on 16 July 2009, following completion of repairs to the structure and installation of new gates.

Repair and re-gating of Cottingwith Lock

Cottingwith Lock was closed by British Waterways in March 2007 because one of the lower lock gates was in an unsafe condition. The heel post of one of the gates had rotted, so the gate was no longer supported by the collar. New gates were built by British Waterways, at their Stanley Ferry workshop, but installation was delayed due to lack of funds needed to install them and carry out repairs to the lock structure. Here are some photos taken in April 2009, before the start of repairs to the lock.

Work on the lock started on Friday 12 June. The bottom gates were lifted out and the top gates were removed on the following day. After removal of the gates, the chamber was cleared and scaffolding asssembled to carry out work on the offside chamber wall. This wall and the gate recesses required refacing, but the structure of the lock was found to be sound. The other chamber wall had been rebuilt following a Waterway Recovery Group work camp at the lock in1998. Here is a set of photos taken on Saturday 13 June and another set of photos taken on 17 June.

These photos (kindly provided by British Waterways) were taken when work inside the lock chamber was nearing completion. The paddle gearing, walkways and hand rails are being fitted to the top gates whilst the brickwork repairs are being completed in the bottom gate recesses. The bottom gates were installed and some repairs were carried out on the wing walls of the lock.

The repairs and new gates were funded by BW. Apart from one machine operator, all the work is being carried out by BW and the new lock gates were made at the BW workshops at Stanley Ferry. The wheel-operated paddlegear fitted to the top gates was made by Hargreaves Lockgates (part of Hargreaves Foundry). This paddlegear was funded by PCAS, supported by a donation from the family of George Parkes, and a plaque commemorating George Parkes will be installed at the lock.

The lock was opened to navigation on 16 July, re-connecting the Pocklington Canal to the waterways network.




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