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New Horizons at her mooring in Melbourne Arm

New Horizons is a 12 metre (40 ft) steel narrowboat with an open front deck and a small cabin. The boat is licensed and insured to carry 12 passengers plus crew. The front deck has ample seating and has side covers that can be rolled up – and put down quickly if the weather lets us down. New Horizons has a modern diesel engine that is clean and efficient. Since we travel slowly on the canal the sound is not intrusive and passengers can hear bird calls and other sounds of the countryside.

We can accommodate folding push-chairs. Unfortunately, it was not practical to install a wheelchair lift or ramp on a boat of this size but that has not prevented us carrying disabled passengers who are sufficiently mobile to get on and off the boat.

About our trip boat
At the Easter Monday PCAS event at Canal Head, Mr Hall of Wilberfoss offered the society the hull of a steel narrowboat he had been building. The hull was transported to Immingham, where work was done on it and a small cabin welded in place. The shell was grit-blasted, protected with primer and transported by road to Goole Boathouse, a marina in Goole.

It took years of work, mainly on Sundays, to get the boat ready to launch, which was done in 2003. It was taken to the Pocklington Canal for a weekend event and then returned to Goole so that further work could be done to make it fit to use as a trip boat. Sunday trips and booked trips started in 2004 and grow in popularity every year.

Why 'New Horizons'?
Our tripboat was named New Horizons in recognition of a generous donation from the New Horizons Trust, at a time when our boat was just a steel hull. The Trust was set up to support community projects involving retired people and this was one of their biggest projects. Building the tripboat took years of weekend work for a few volunteers and by the time New Horizons was completed the Trust had been disbanded. At least their generous contribution will be remembered in the name of our boat.

New Horizons has been on TV
New Horizons appeared on the BBC 2 programme Hands on Nature, first shown on 6 November 2005 and repeated many times. The programme features dragonflies filmed from the tripboat, pond dipping with PCAS members Geoff and Roma Oxford, and barn owls filmed in the Melbourne area.

Grants and sponsorship
We thank the Yorkshire Waterways Museum at Goole and the British Red Cross for providing first aid training for crew members .

In the past we have received grants from Pocklington Town Council, the Inland Waterways Association and Yorkshire Bank to support training of crew members. In previous years we have received funding from the Pocklington and Market Weighton Round Table and the Melbourne Arms and we have received sponsorship from PCAS members since we started boat trips in 2004. We are very grateful for sponsorship and would like to cover all our running costs so that all donations go towards the work of PCAS. Please get in touch if you could sponsor New Horizons.

Crewing New Horizons
PCAS members are welcome to get involved with running boat trips. We normally operate with a crew of three: one to steer, one to operate bridges and locks and one to look after our passengers and their safety. Please contact Alistair Anderson (Boat Manager) if you would like to help. We have an induction process where new crew members join experienced crew on our boat trips. All crew members are sent a weekly list of crewing opportunities and it is great fun if you enjoy working as a member of a team and meeting people. Anyone wanting to take charge of a trip boat must have a qualification recognised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. PCAS currently uses National Community Boats Association training centres.

Satellite view of New Horizons
New Horizons
can be seen at her mooring in the Melbourne Arm on this satellite image.



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