Pocklington Canal

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Walbut Lock

The restoration of Walbut Lock started in1992 and most of the work was done at weekends by volunteers. The lock was in a derelict state and the restoration was the most ambitious project that PCAS had ever attempted. Thanks to help from Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) volunteers we made good progress and the restoration was completed in 1993.

Despite all this hard work by volunteers, Walbut Lock has remained unused because the canal is not navigable beyond Melbourne, mainly because of the need for dredging.

PCAS has raised £250,000 with its Bicentenary Appeal to restore two miles of canal between Melbourne and Bielby The restoration of Thornton Lock has been completed and PCAS continues to work with the Canal & River Trust to plan restoration of Walbut Lock, which will start soon.

Satellite image of Walbut Lock, from Flash Earth. Walbut Bridge can be seen nearby.




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