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Gardham Lock and No. 3 Swing-bridge









Gardham Lock is unusual in that it has a swing-bridge (No. 3) across the chamber of the lock. The lock was restored in the 1970s and re-gated in 1995, at which time wheel-operated paddle gear was reinstated on the bottom gates. This replica paddle gear had been installed at Walbut Lock a couple of years earlier.. The swing-bridge across the lock chamber can be seen in these photos. This is an unusual feature for a lock, but certainly not unique.

For many years, Gardham Lock was the only one of the nine locks that was not Listed. This is because major problems were encountered when the lock was restored and most of the structure had to be rebuilt, though the stone copings are original. The 2010 Heritage Partnership Agreement for the canal has given Gardham Lock the same protection as the other locks on the canal.

The boat in the lock is the PCAS trip boat New Horizons.

Satellite image of Gardham Lock from Flash Earth (www.flashearth.com). Note the swing-bridge across the lock.





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