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Cottingwith Lock

Cottingwith Lock is near the junction of the Pocklington Canal and the River Derwent. The lock was reopened in 1970, soon after the formation of PCAS. Although the River Derwent has been non-tidal since the Barmby Barrage was built in the early 1980s, the Derwent floods in winter. Cottingwith Lock and Gardham Lock can be under water and unusable.

In 1998, a Waterway Recovery Group work camp was held at the lock to prepare one of the chamber walls for rebuilding, which was done by contractors.

The heel post of one of the lower gates failed on 12 March 2007 and British Waterways closed the canal. BW escorted several boats off the canal before installing stop planks above the lock, since the upper gates were also in poor condition.

New gates were made by BW, at their Stanley Ferry workshops. Funds were not available to install them or to complete repairs to the brickwork, which needed to be done when the lock chamber was empty.

The work was carried out in June and July 2009 and the lock was reopened to navigation on 16 July. More information about Cottingwith Lock.

A plaque commemorating George Parkes, a member of the PCAS Committee who died in 2006, can be seen on one of the balance beams of the lock.


Satellite image of Cottingwith Lock from Flash Earth (www.flashearth.com).

Flooding – bad for boating but wonderful for wildlife

The ings land (flood meadows) near the lower end of the Pocklington Canal forms part of the Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve. It provides a habitat for a wide range of plants and is of international importance for wintering wildfowl.



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