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Sandhill Lock

Sandhill lock

Sandhill Lock is the most derelict of the three locks that remain to be restored. The brickwork is in poor condition and, as this picture shows, there is a large crack in one of the walls.

Tree roots can cause remarkable damage and British Waterways have recently removed trees that were growing in the structure of the lock.

The stone copings and quoins (in which the lock gates pivoted) have survived better than the bricks and it is likely that the brickwork below water level will be in reasonable condition.

Satellite image of Sandhill Lock, from Flash Earth (www.flashearth.com).

Recent news
In 2010 the chamber wall on the towpath side was found to be bulging and it was suggested that the lock should be infilled with aggregate to prevent the structure collapsing. PCAS was opposed to this because the cost of removing the aggregate would make future restoration prohibitively expensive.

At the end of March 2010, timber props were installed to stabilise the structure and two test pits dug to investigate the construction of the damaged timber wall. It appears that the structure is stable and the outer layer of brickwork has de-laminated.

Sandhill Lock is a Listed Structure and work on the lock is being done in consulation with English Heritage. Laser measurements have being taken to gain information about the lock and its construction. The photos show the lock containing the new timbers and one of the test pits.









Here is a poster compiled by British Waterways on behalf of the organisations involved with the project.







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