Pocklington Canal

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No. 8 Swing-bridge


This bridge provides access to the towpath from the village of Bielby. Originally it has been a wooden swing-bridge but like other swing-bridges on the canal, it had been replaced by a fixed bridge after navigation had ceased.

This photo on the left was taken in 1995, when a new steel swing-bridge was installed to replace the old timber bridge that was no longer safe to use. The design of the swing-bridge is similar to others on the navigable length of canal. The photo below shows the new bridge being lowered into position.

Satellite image of No. 8 Swing-bridge

At the time of installation there was no immediate prospect of being able to use the swing-bridge, so the costly pintle (bearing) needed to allow it to swing was omitted. With the prospect of extending navigation to Bielby, a pintle was built by local contractor Slater Engineering, using plans provided by the Canal & River Trust. A substantial contribution to the cost was made by the Pocklington Canal Boat Club. Installation was done by the same contractor under CRT supervision. The swing-bridge was opened by Richard Parry, Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust, on 4 August 2014.




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